The first groom box!

So how the heck did this whole thing get started? I had just been introduced to the world of dog shows. My personal background is in Equestrian sport, mainly Hunter/Jumpers. I have spent my life as a certified EC competition coach but recently took a step back to pursue other interests. My health (multiple severe concussions and ankylosing spondylitis) was a huge factor. Now I am learning about dog shows and enjoy the thrill of driving my Italian super car. (that thing is like a thoroughbred coming out of the gate!!)

So a few months prior I had purchased a repurposed GUCCI collar for my dog from a woman on ETSY. I had never heard of repurposing or upcycling before and I thought that was a really cool idea. A few months went by and my dog and I were ready to make our deput at our first show! Being from the horse world I was excited to have a beautiful set up for our groom space. I ended up taking one of my wooden groom boxes (that had my name and barn name engraved on it) and I had a large LV GM tote that I didn't really use and was just sitting in my closet. Should I do it? I have always been one who enjoys making a statement so I did. I took some measurements and cut up the LV bag like a crazy person. Had no idea what I was doing. Used PL construction glue (that looked horific but at the time I was quite proud of my creation! hahaha)and ordered a custom halter plate with my dog's name engraved on it.

Off I went to the dog show and proudly displayed my spoiled dogs over the top groom box. To say that it got alot of compliments is an understatement! We were going into winter months and I decided that I would make a collection of 8 LV large monogram groom boxes (as that look is my favorite as you may notice). I shopped and connected with many of the luxury consignment shops that I have purchased from before and complied enough bags for my first collection.

The learning curve continues as I get ideas for new designs!

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